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We offer personalized approaches according to your needs.

Specific Approaches

Image by Channey

Snorkel Clinics

Boston Finsharks hosts frequent clinics to provide more opportunities for finswimming training, skill development, and fun in the pool.


  • Students must be already enrolled in our classes or be a member of one of our teams.


Finswimmers will improve their use of the snorkel.

Summary of activities:

  1. Proper progressive technique drills

  2. Explanation of proper technique, body position, and breathing pattern.


  • Youth (10+) 

  • Adults

At Boston FinSharks we understand that each individual is different and athletic development requires an initial evaluation of all the components, proper planning, and later an adequate progression to achieve individual goals.

Motion Analysis

High levels of performance not only require effort and regular attendance at training practices, to reach the maximum levels today the athlete needs the support of specialized coaches and the use of tech-tools that allow you to find those details that can be escaped to the human eye.

This is another aspect in which we can help you and that surely if you are an athlete with high aspirations you will love it.

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