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The First Finswimming World Cup in America

We like to start our Blog, going back to 2009 when our Head Coach Leon A. Valderrama brought the First Finswimming World Cup to America

IV CMAS Finswimming World Cup 2009, Bogota, Colombia

In an exclusive interview on last December, the Technical Director of the CAFAM Finswimming club and Organizer of the First Round of the IV CMAS Finswimming World Cup, Andrés Valderrama, spoke with about some additional activities that will be held within the framework of the sports competition.

During the week of January 21 to 25, 2009, finswimming will take over the sports scene of the Colombian capital, Bogotá, with the completion of the First Round of the IV CMAS Finswimming World Cup, a competition that will be held on January 24 and 25, however this will not be the only activity that will take place, since as confirmed by Coach Andrés Valderrama, on January 21 the National Coaches Meeting will be held, by the Colombian Federation of Underwater Activities, while on the 22nd and 23rd there will be clinics and sports exhibitions by the best athletes and club coaches from Italy and Colombia, as well as an informative press conference on the World Cup.

Likewise, there will be training for International Judges by the Director of Finswimming of the World Finswimming Confederation, the Italian Roberto Lolli.

To learn more about this important international underwater sporting event to be held in Latin America, you can visit the official website:

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