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Reach your goals in a FINtastic way.


Boston FinSharks

Boston Finsharks provides an exceptional new program with the use of aquatic equipment - Monofin or Bifins -

 Helping you become faster in the water. Following the appropriate progression, our students will achieve different personal goals, that can variate from technique improvement to high athletic performance.

Boston FinSharks core values that promote personal development while aiming to high sporting performance.

Gymnastics Lessons

Boston FinSharks also offers gymnastics lessons for preschool and youth ages in the comfort of your home.

Gymnastics is a sport so rich in physical skills that it is not only emphasized to the health of the body, it also about the development of balance, strength, flexibility, agility, coordination, and endurance that always will helpful in the practice of different sports that you could try in your life.




Swimming with equipment is easy and enjoyable for all ages.  Moving through the water when you use fins is a unique experience. 

The equipment also helps this exercise to feel more natural. 


Gymnastics Lessons
+ Conditioning and Strength

At all ages, strength is required; move faster and having good mobility will allow you to practice any sport in a safe environment and free of injuries.

Gymnastics Lessons are unique according to the skills and characteristics of each individual, from early ages we develop strengths and do our best to improve weaknesses. 



We all have different needs: 


  • Focused How to swim using the snorkel, swimming strokes with fins, Swim faster using a monofin.

  • Swimmers who want to improve more using specific approaches and advanced tools.


Contact us

If you have any questions don't hesitate to share it with us through the email or give us a call!

 (347) 674-2757

900 Worcester St, Wellesley, MA

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