Fall Session - Monthly Workouts

One (1) or Two(2) day practice days for all ages. Come take a safe break from being at home, try on long flippers, 
and have some good fun. 


Taught by former international coach,

Leon V.

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What is Finswimming?

Finswimming is the progression with a Monofin or with two fins either on the surface or underwater, by means of the swimmers' muscular force only and without use of any mechanism, not even muscle-powered.

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About Us

Boston Finsharks provides an exceptional and new program with the use of aquatic equipment - Monofin or Bifins -, which help to improve the speed in the water. Following the appropriate progression, our students will achieve different personal goals, that can variate from technique improvement to high sporting performance.


Boston FinSharks is based on values that promote personal development and always aim to high performance.

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