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Gymnastics & Conditioning

All sports and even normal activities involve some amount of strength and require mobility to perform it. This is also true for all ages, Boston Finsharks will help you to be more flexible and improve your strength with proper and fun tools that make you enjoy routines

Image by Victor Freitas
Practicing Gymnastics

Gymnastics Lessons


  1. Teach following the right progression the basic skills on gymnastics.

  2. Create a healthy and happy environment to learn and enjoy gymnastics.


  • 3-5 Preschool 

  • 6+ Kids & Youths

Image by Victor Freitas
Image by Patrick Kool

Conditionning: Bodyweight 


Improve strength and flexibility with a gymnastic approach:

  1. Proper progressive technique drills using your own body weight.

  2. Develop high ROM with dynamic flexibility that will allow you to be free of injuries.


  • 13-17 Teenagers 

  • 18- 30 Adults

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